Catnic Cougar Open Back Cavity Wall Standard Duty Lintel 900mm CG90/100

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Open Back Cougar Lintels are for use in Cavity Wall construction. The lintels incorporate insulation, built-in plaster key and DPC. The lintels supports uniform distribution of masonry loads, timber floors and roof loads. Also suitable for fair faced inner leaf masonry.


  • Easy to use Cougar open back profile
  • 90-105 mm Cavity, 100-115 Inner Leaf
  • Formed from galvanised steel then powder coated
  • Duplex corrosion protection
  • Built-in DPC
  • Integral Plaster Key
  • Integral insulation
  • Standard lengths are available in increments of 150mm at lengths up to 3000mm, 300mm at 3000mm-3600mm