Catnic External Solid Wall Single Leaf Angle Lintel 1500mm ANG1500

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The Catnic Angle lintel system has been designed to accommodate the requirements of all thin joint wall construction. The standard product is suitable for all possible cavity widths and helps to reduce thermal bridging at window head. Thin joint can be used on both external cavity and internal partition walls, as well as party wall construction.


  • For use in solid or block walls
  • For standard duty loading applications
  • For use in 102 mm exterior walls
  • Duplex Corrosion Protection System
  • ANG lintels should be suitably propped and laterally restrained during construction
  • Standard lengths are available in increments of 150mm at lengths up to 3000mm, 300mm at 3000mm-3900mm
  • Reduced build time
  • Quick weatherproofing
  • Flexible construction