Fillcrete Brickfill Expansion Joint Roll 12mm x 100mm x 10m

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12mm 100 x 10,000 rolls of Brickfill closed cell cross linked polyethylene foams for all your requirements for brick and blockwork expansion and movement joints packed in 10 rolls per merchant pack.


  • Ideal low resistance expansion joint filler for brickwork and concrete blockwork
  • Brickfill fully meets the British Standards for movement joints in brickwork
  • All pre-cut rolls have a scored tear off strip. Simply build in Brickfill flush with the surface of the brickwork and then pull off the “tear off” strip, leaving a correctly sized recess, to allow the installation of a suitable high performance silicon sealant, without the need for a bond breaker
  • Packed in merchant packs of 10 rolls